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Child Protection Guidance Notes

Comber Brass Child Protection Guidance
This is the Child Protection Guidance Notes for Comber Brass available in PDF file format to download.
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 1.1    Introduction 

Everyone who participates in Comber Brass is entitled to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment.  The Band has a moral and legal obligation to ensure that, when given responsibility for young people, coaches and volunteers provide them with the highest possible standard of care.

Comber Brass is committed to devising and implementing policies so that everyone participating accepts their responsibilities to safeguard children from harm and abuse.  This means to follow procedures to protect children and report any concerns about their welfare to appropriate authorities.

The aim of the policy is to promote good practice, providing children and young people with appropriate safety/protection whilst in the care of Comber Brass  and to allow staff and volunteers to make informed and confident responses to specific child protection issues.

 A child/young person is defined as a person under the age of 18 (Children’s Act 1989)

Policy Statement


Comber Brass is committed to the following:

 The welfare of the child is paramount

All children, whatever their age, culture, ability, gender, language, racial origin,      religious belief and/or sexual identity should be able to participate in the band in a fun and safe environment

Taking all reasonable steps to protect children from harm, discrimination and   degrading treatment and to respect their rights, wishes and feelings

All suspicions and allegations of poor practice or abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately

Working in partnership with parents and children is essential for the protection of children.


1                 Promoting Good Practice


1.1       Introduction


To provide children with the best possible experience and opportunities in the band everyone must operate within an accepted ethical framework such as The Coaches Code of Conduct.

 It is not always easy to distinguish poor practice from abuse.  It is therefore NOT the responsibility of employees or participants in the band to make judgements about whether or not abuse is taking place.  It is however their responsibility to identify poor practice and possible abuse and act if they have concerns about the welfare of the child, as explained in section 4. 

 This section will help you identify what is meant by good practice and poor practice.

 1.2       Good Practice

 All personnel should adhere to the following principles and action:

 Always work in an open environment (e.g. avoiding private or unobserved situations and encouraging open communication with no secrets)

Make the experience of the band fun and enjoyable: promote fairness, confront and deal with bullying.


Treat all young people equally and with respect and dignity

 Always put the welfare of the young person first, before winning

Maintain a safe and appropriate distance with players (e.g. it is not appropriate for staff or volunteers to have an intimate relationship with a child or to share a room with them)

 Avoid unnecessary physical contact with young people.  Where any form of manual/physical support is required it should be provided openly and with the consent of the young person.  Physical contact can be appropriate so long as it is neither intrusive nor disturbing and the young person’s consent has been given

Involve parents/cares wherever possible, e.g. where young people need to be supervised in changing rooms, encourage parents to take responsibility for their own child. 

Request written parental consent if club officials are required to transport young people in their cars

Gain written parental consent for any significant travel arrangements e.g. overnight stays

Ensure that if mixed teams are taken away, they should always be accompanied by a male and female member of staff

Ensure that at away events adults should not enter a young person’s room or invite young people to their rooms

Be an excellent role model, this includes not smoking or drinking alcohol in the company of young people

 Always give enthusiastic and constructive feedback rather than negative criticism

 Recognising the developmental needs and capacity of the young person and do not risk sacrificing welfare in a desire for club or personal achievements.

Secure written parental consent for the club to act in loco parentis, to give permission for the administration of emergency first aid or other medical treatment if the need arises

 keep a written record of any injury that occurs, along with details of any treatment given

 1.3       Poor Practice

 The following are regarded as poor practice and should be avoided by all personnel:

Unnecessarily spending excessive amounts of time alone with young people away from others

 Taking young people alone in a car on journeys, however short

 Taking young people to your home where they will be alone with you

 Sharing a room with a young person

 Engaging in rough, physical or sexually provocative games, including horseplay

 Allow or engage in inappropriate touching of any form

 Allowing young people to use inappropriate language unchallenged

 Making sexually suggestive comments to a young person, even in fun


Reducing a young person to tears as a form of control

 Allow allegations made by a young person to go unchallenged, unrecorded or not acted upon

 Do things of a personal nature that the young person can do for themselves

 When a case arises where it is impractical/impossible to avoid certain situation e.g. transporting a young person on you car, the tasks should only be carried out with the full understanding and consent of the parent/care and the young person involved.

 If during your care you accidentally hurt a young person, the young person seems distressed in any manner, appears to be sexually aroused by your actions and/or if the young person misunderstands or misinterprets something you have done, report any such incidents as soon as possible to another colleague and make a written note of it.  Parents should also be informed of the incident.

 Report any concerns to the Child Protection Officer appointed by the Committee of Comber Brass.



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